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+ Holistic and nutritional assessment now available

Holistic and Nutritional assessments

These consultations now available. These are specifically targeted at those people who are not responding to standard medical therapy and wish to find out more about what can be done to improve their health. These assessments are certainly worth considering in some conditions include but not limited to chronic pain, deterioration in energy levels, weight issues, cancer palliation, anxiety, poor mental performance, chronic stress, poor sleep for example. Unfortunately such detailed review of the whole patient from conception to current state and including all options does take time. The expectation should be that the initial consultation will be an hour and subsequent consultation be up to 30 minutes. Some tests will be required, some subsidies by the state and some insurance agencies and some are not. The therapy is not necessarily unique or extraordinary. It would be akin to baking a cake - All the ingredients need to be added for a beautiful result, the exact amounts of each ingredient depends on the individual as no person is the same as another but the outcome hopefully will be the same - optimal health outcome. This is not standard care and so cost will be in addition to what the Government will pay. Children and adults pay the same fee in these cases. For further information please ask at reception.