Chronic Conditions

There are a great number of conditions including asthma, obstructive airways, diabetes, hypertension to name a few. We have structured clinical pathways to help you achieve the best outcome for your condition. We actively encourage patient participation in the management and look forward to helping you. Please ask if you qualify for very heavily subsided management programs we provide.


Since 1996 the maternity system changed and as GP’s we do not provide this service anymore. We are generally the first port of call for pregnancy and we do provide any advice and management to complement your lead maternity carer (LMC) for pregnancy and non pregnancy issues. In general in the second trimester (13-14 weeks on til birth you will have a LMC). BOOK NOW


All our staff are parents with children and can remember what is was like having sick children. We offer a full range of preventative and acute treatment options for children and are always happy to discuss anything that worries you and give you some resources to support you and your new family. BOOK NOW

Senior Health

We will keep a close eye on any problems which may occur. The most common are falls, consequences of multiple medications for increasing number of medical problems and sore joints. We will initiate programs which will minimise falls and try to regularly review medicines and problems to maximise benefits of treatment. We are happy to talk about anythings you are worried about. BOOK NOW

Female Health

Like men common problems can include high cholesterol, high blood sugars, obesity, infections, cancers. Women tend to have higher rates in breast cancer, cervical cancer compared to men. We would like to be proactive and work with women and the New Zealand Guidelines to ensure early detection of breast and cervical cancers through screening. We have interests in menopause, sexual infections, incontinence and contraceptions options, just to mention a few. BOOK NOW

Male Health

Common problems can include high cholesterol, high blood sugars, obesity, prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, infections, cancers and many more. Men are at higher risk of strokes and heart attacks due to their male genetics and roles in life. We want to work with you to make sure that any possible risks are reduced so that you can have a long and event free future. We suggest a general check at any age but in particular from 40 years old onwards. BOOK NOW

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