All fees (up to 15min) apply for NZ citizens or permanent residents. From 1st December 2018 Community Services Card holders with a current card will be entitled to reduced funded fees. As at 24th September 2021 an adult CSC consult fee is – $19.50, however this may change due to Government health pricing.


Other costs

All prescriptions are now electronically sent to your nominated local pharmacy $23

Extended consultations pro rata 5min intervals.

  • addition to consultation charge

There are services not priced here please ask at reception. These include but not limited to smears, ECG, Driver Licence Medicals, Ear Syringe. Please contact reception to discuss extra services and prices.


You are signing up to government funding to keep your subsidised fees low. Our funder is Comprehensive Care. This offers other benefits like free assessments in diabetes monitoring, asthma follow up and maximisation of therapy, cardiovascular risk assessment and management. Access to subsidised counselling is available. Prescription will be capped at $5 an item for fully subsided medications compared to $15 a partially subsidised item.

HOWEVER you are only allowed to sign to ONE Medical Centre at a time. It may take up to 3 months for funding to arrive so the initial fee maybe a casual rate.

Download our Enrolment Form (PDF 420kb)

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