Allergies are unfortunately very common, These range from hayfever to life threatening anaphylaxis. Common skin rashes, blocked or runny nose due to contact with allergen like pollen, grass, dust mite protein, chemicals are a nuisance but rarely do they cause major problems. Some of these could trigger an asthma attack which could be life threatening. A good management plan can lessen the risks. The other increasingly common reactions involve food. Some people are intolerant like milk lactose intolerance causing bloating and wind. Some people are allergic, like milk protein causing a severe reaction resulting in swelling of the airways and possibly welts on the skin.

The cause is the body’s over reaction to certain proteins in food which for some reason has become “the enemy”. There are many theories as to why, treatment is usually symptom control and avoidance. Conventional treatment is avoidance, maintaining skin and body health, and reducing the immune system responsiveness usually with medications.

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