Antibiotics are relatively new agents developed in the 1940s as dyes for commercial use and also the original observation of antibacterial effects from Penicillium notatum moulds. The Antibiotic era started and new agents were developed for a long time until about the 1960s when development of new agents stagnated. Antibiotics have pretty much been the same until this century when new agents have been developed. This has largely been spurred on by the observation that resistant organisms have been on the increase causing higher death rates. We are still winning, as it were. With careful use of antibiotics for actual bacterial infection rather than viral infections (the most common “flu or cold” cause) will extend their useful life hopefully into mid this century.

As useful as antibiotics are, they cause side effects, the most common being gastric upset possibly leading to vomiting and or diarrhoea. Some people develop a condition called thrush. This is an opportunistic fungal infection which can be treated. Taking pro-biotics with your Antibiotics may reduce this if you are susceptible. Your chemist has a selection. Tip – chose those variety that are refrigerated and have the longest expiry date will ensure the maximum useful organisms.

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