Overwhelming evidence showing the benefit of keeping out of the sun especially at peak times in summer (10am-2pm), by covering up with clothes or using sun block of as higher SPF rating as possible. Rates of melanoma (one of the most aggressive types of skin cancers known) in Australasia are amongst the highest in the world. This risk is increased if “burning” occurs in childhood under 14 year old. This potentially sets up a much higher risk in later life – this could be as early as 20 year olds developing melanoma. Damaged skin in later life will be dry, “baggy saggy”, irregularly pigmented skin and have moles. It is important to ensure regular checks if there is a high risk of melanoma, especially if there are relatives who have developed melanoma at any age. Belmont Medical Centre is proud to be able to provide technology to enhance diagnosis and recording of suspicious moles. We can also provide a lesion removal service to treat and diagnose them.



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